To learn to embrace to expect to be a homeschool family

To learn to embrace to expect to be a homeschool family

I recently came across a junk on a homeschool forum from a distraught mother who opposed the best way of action for her child. The child has recently been diagnosed with a combination of dyslexia and graflexia. The school district did not help or understand her. The schools immediate response was that the child be held back for a year and integrated into the special courses.

To say the least, Mother was upset. I can imagine that parents often respond to learning difficulties or other handicaps with a tendency or self-assessment. This particular mother explored the idea of ​​pulling her child out of school and started because of homeschool but had encountered strong negative reactions from family and friends about her plan. The reasoning of her lover has been something in line with, you should let the professionals handle your child, they have the right education and know how to deal with learning disabilities, you can not be prepared to face such a challenge. Keep in mind that the mother was considering trying homeschooling for the rest of the year, which was just several months. Her main concern was that she would irreversibly rob her child during this short period of time.

I feel the pain of this parent and can only imagine that I handle such a problem. I have been blessed with healthy children who can only be diagnosed with mild learning difficulties on a really bad day by a really bad doctor.

I think the most important point to address here is the idea that you will not screw up your children by trying homeschooling for a short time. The children are resilient and absorbent. They bounce when you drop them and they retain more information than you expect or will ever know. Apart from that, if you are a well-conscious older parent who tries to make a positive difference in your childs life, chances are you will be more successful than a stranger who has a room full of other students to handle. Even if you get flat on your face from a learning perspective, you still do many other things right. And you build a relationship with your child and show them how you are selfless. Teaching is a developing art and school district routinely implements new strategies that do not work, so in reality they are not really better than an experiment that went wrong.

Lets really examine the teachers professionalism. Finland has a competitive program for access to education programs. They actually pay their teachers, which is almost the amount paid by teachers in the United States. Finnish teachers are highly regarded and highly educated. They must be teachers and they must prove their commitment and value by earning the status of teacher. Because of this level of professionalism, Finnish schools lead the world in almost all subjects.

Let me enter the American school system. Teachers hardly pay live wages in many districts and constantly live with the threat of termination. Not to mention that in many districts is not required a degree for teaching. Many American teachers end up in their jobs as a standard and the need for a job is not a choice. Special education teachers are usually cheated over the rest and are paid for extra education and certifications, but still not in line with what educated Finnish teachers are paid.

It hurts me to come to the knowledge that many of the teachers who teach our young minds are the result of a standard situation or a choice based on the necessity of a fast and easy job. To be successful, we need dedicated teachers who are really passionate about the subjects they learn.

Please do not misunderstand, all this is not to say there are not a lot of good teachers out there. The teaching has been described as the most noble profession, I would like to look more well-considered, more compensated and more competitive.

Probably the most important morale of this story is that homeschool families do not bow to others judgment. Homeschoolers are often ridiculed, singled out and convicted by people of all walks of life. We have used this to make our family stronger and find people who support our familys mission. There are many groups out there and estimated 2.1 million homeschoolers in the US in 2001. Go past the race and realize that you choose a choice that benefits your family, it does not matter what others think.

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